Education, Creativity, Jobs, and Cybersecurity

I fired off an email to Mitt Romney a few days ago and hopefully he will respond. The race for the White House is not so much a race as it is a magic show. Everything that is big to nerds and geeks alike is being left out of the spotlight as if it doesn't exist! Cybersecurity, education, bringing jobs back over here, etc, they are all being left out of the big picture.
The economy isn't going to get better until somebody educates the masses with less cookie-cutter and more custom-designation. Our education hasn't had a breakthrough since the last century. This video is Sir Ken Robinson telling about the need for more creativity in schools and the lack thereof. I think the education system needs to change from the bottom up. We need to change the way we teach children in preschool. We need to have more creative minds be fulfilled to their greatest potential. Parents need to step in too, schools have children for eight hours a day, the parents have them for the rest. It probably is too late for me, I've been stripped of my creativity and been told there is only one right answer and can't know it. It may be late for me, but not for my children or their children; if we make a stand today we might influence the stance of education in the future. We can't just sit on our arses and say "the government knows best." WE NEED TO ACT NOW to save not only our world, but our children's world. Can't say we just didn't try.
Everybody's yapping on about the economy and how we need to save it to preserve our way of life. These govt. big shots are saying complex things that mean little to the average American. The answer to this conundrum is actually quite simple. BRING JOBS BACK OVER HERE!!! If China and India are where we do manufacturing and tech support of electronics, what's left for America? Electronics are a major source of our income. Currently, China and India are where the wages are going. Corporate greed strikes again as more and more people try to make a quick buck more by shipping jobs overseas. I hope the new president will see this problem through and change it, otherwise we might see the end of this republic in 2012.
Finally, the DoD's whipping boy, cybersecurity. Why is it that more than 4/5 of American households have a computer connected to the internet, but cybersecurity hasn't had a major breakthrough since the PATRIOT Act? And Cybersecurity hasn't got a single proactive way to stop hackers since forever. All of the internet has stayed the same since 1990, since the internet has been born, there hasn't been a single change to it than higher speeds. We need to change that. I hope that Mr. Romney can help with this, otherwise it's going to be a long and painful cybersecurity term.

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