Things are progressing

Well, I've started to lay the groundwork for my OS, its slow-going but its going. I've planned on making a *nix OS since my main reason for this is stability and UNIX is one of the most arguably stable OSes around. I'll dedicate a post to the OS in detail later.
Well, my Naruto FanFic (Memories) is going faster than I thought, I should have a chapter to post later this week. My main problem is choosing to make Naruto's reminiscing in fist person or third person. If I overcome that I'll have a chapter to post, otherwise I'll have a crisis of conscience an drop the whole story.
My novel is sliding along, but I've hit a brick wall. Hopefully the demolition crews will clear it up in a few days.
My family is, as usual, dysfunctional. School break started yesterday and my brother's got a cold. Can't go outside much because of the freezing temperatures in GA. My dogs are all riled up about wanting to go out for a walk, but until the sun bats away the cold (which is around noon), I can't go out. I've managed to get myself into another quandary, my brother wants me to program a game for his Android phone. Another challenge added to the "To do for my little brother" bin. I've downloaded the Android SDK and haven't gotten around to studying the Android src code. Everybody seems more lethargic since break started. I feel like the only one who gets up at eight anymore. Plan on going to the library to check out some books to help me on my endeavors, hopefully the books will be there before Christmas Eve.
Well, that's it for now, if I have anything I'll post it here.




I am a computer programmer and writer in Georgia. Some of you may be coming from my account on FanFiction.net of the same name. Yes, I am The-Unsung-Writer, now let's move on. I plan on using this blog to give status updates on just about everything from my software I'm developing to my novel to my day to day life.
Let me talk about myself, I am an eighth grader (as of now) and love computers. I spend my days thinking rather than running due to my hemophilia, though that might be changing in the next few months. I am a straight "A" student and spend my free time tackling what most might call the impossible (for my age), such as building my own OS and software to go with it or writing a novel (this is probably more possible than the other one). My love of writing comes from all the great books I read, thinking that I want to write one for myself (hey, life's short, the time to get things done is shorter. So I'm starting now.) I live with my parents and brother, my life's a bit dysfunctional if I do say so myself. Between school and home I rarely have any free time (yeah, advanced classes will do that to you) and most of that is spent trying to rid myself of writers block. I'll post everyday for those of you starved for updates on my OS, FanFiction, novel, or life.