I am a computer programmer and writer in Georgia. Some of you may be coming from my account on FanFiction.net of the same name. Yes, I am The-Unsung-Writer, now let's move on. I plan on using this blog to give status updates on just about everything from my software I'm developing to my novel to my day to day life.
Let me talk about myself, I am an eighth grader (as of now) and love computers. I spend my days thinking rather than running due to my hemophilia, though that might be changing in the next few months. I am a straight "A" student and spend my free time tackling what most might call the impossible (for my age), such as building my own OS and software to go with it or writing a novel (this is probably more possible than the other one). My love of writing comes from all the great books I read, thinking that I want to write one for myself (hey, life's short, the time to get things done is shorter. So I'm starting now.) I live with my parents and brother, my life's a bit dysfunctional if I do say so myself. Between school and home I rarely have any free time (yeah, advanced classes will do that to you) and most of that is spent trying to rid myself of writers block. I'll post everyday for those of you starved for updates on my OS, FanFiction, novel, or life.


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